An amalgamation of my works
and my personal showreal.

Dr. Who

Appearing alongside David Tennant in Dr Who, playing Sky Silvestry. A traveller overwhelmed by an evil alien and eventually threatening the very existence of the doctor himself. This was filmed in Cardiff in 2010 and was the third time of collaborating with Russell T Davies. Other shows with Russell include Bob and Rose (2001) and The Second Coming (2002).


Road was a TV film directed by the incredible Alan Clarke, who also directed me in Rita Sue and Bob too and was responsible for The firm with Gary Oldman and Lesley manville and Scum with Ray Winstone. Originally a play at the Royal Court Theatre upstairs, Road was a visceral and immediate response to the Thatcher regime which was taking a truncheon to the lives and communities of Northern England.

The Woods

overwhelmingly powerful new play about motherhood and psychological collapse by Aleks Sierz (2018). Alongside, Tom Mothersdale.


Created by Stephen Volk. Written by Stephen Volk, Mark Greig, Mike Cullen, Guy Burt. (ITV1, 2006) (8 x 1hrs). *Golden Nymph Monte Carlo TV Festival Best Actor in a Drama 2007 – Andrew Lincoln


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